Dipika Joshi is pleased to confirm that the views expressed in the testimonies are the views solely of the people who provided them.

“My name is Barbara and I will always be indebted to Dipika in diagnosing and treating both myself and daughter Helen when we were feeling pretty ill, and both Doctors and Bupa specialists could not determine the problems.  Mine was food allergies, mainly wheat, which had caused severe back pain and IBS and Helen’s was a liver malfunction with pains in her chest and breathlessness. Dipika has also given me help and guidance on the issue of type 2 diabetes which we have in the family, when my Doctor flagged me as borderline.   I travel a fair distance for a consultation with Dipika, but know that with her total commitment and approachability, I can just pick up the phone for help and reassurance.”

Barbara from Luton

“I have been visiting Dipika for few years now. I was very overweight and suffering with bad knees, type 2 diabetes, high B.P., high cholesterol, hypothyroidism. I was taking drugs for all of those things and pain killers. I was on total of 6 drugs.Dipika’s treatment has cured my diabetes and all the other symptoms I had, now I only take a small dose of thyroxine. My diet is still not as good as it should be. I lost nearly 3 stones in about a year and had my knee replaced. Unfortunately I lapsed in my eating habits and put quite a lot of weight on again. However I still do not need any drugs. Currently Dipika is working with me to lose that extra weight.”

JR from Ealing

“I have fibromyalgia for the last 20 years and only in January this year I heard about frequency specific microcurrent (FSM). I had one treatment and my pain was reduced immediately. I know it sounds odd but I would have said the same thing if somebody told me that. Imagine if there is a magic pill that you could take and your pain will be reduced so much that you could sleep well, less pain and not pushing yourself all the time, that’s how I would describe FSM . It isn’t something that goes away overnight but by using it every day to start with and than 2 to 3 times a week, when needed. I just wish I knew about it years ago! If it works once it always will, it’s not one of thing that you have to keep trying and trying. Many thanks to Carolyn MCMakin for giving me a first treatment in Tobago in January and to Dipika Joshi who followed with treatments”


“I met Dipika about 20yrs ago and have been  a patient ever since. I don’t see her regularly only when I need her  help and advice. She has helped me through many problems , the last significant one being a heart problem. I decided to have a surgical procedure with Dipika’s blessing and she did everything she could to make sure that I was as fit as possible  beforehand and to recover quickly afterwards.

Over the years I have introduced people to Dipika, my daughter is one of her patients as is my partner. With Dipika’s treatments, results are never instant which does put some people off but for those who persevere the results are amazing and long-lasting.

I like that she is a pharmacist and understands the drugs prescribed by GPs and all the side-effects. Dipika treats the cause of the problem not just the symptoms and basically I just trust her.”


“About a year and a half ago I visited Dipika with my partner, who was already a patient, though I was a little sceptical and did not really feel that she would be able to help me. At that time I was suffering from Gout in my toes which I had had for many years and a new a scarier problem which was bouts of total confusion.

In our first consultation we went through my past history and hit on a point many years before when I had got heavy metal poisoning from spraying gas storage tanks with undercoat of dubious origins. Also I had spent many years in the USA tearing off the shingle roofing and replacing with metal roofing. A lot of the symptoms of Mercury and other heavy metals matched my symptoms so Dipika ordered a test to see what metals were in my body. When the results came back I was indeed loaded with several metals including Lead and Mercury which were nine times more than the maximum limit. Dipika started me on a course of several tablets that would slowly leach these metals from my body and along with this my health did improve though the pills did make me feel ill, this was only temporary. A year later I now have no problems with memory loss or confusion and generally feel much better in myself. Also the gout which gave me constant pain on a daily basis is now only an occasional visitor due to just a dietary change suggested by Dipika and commitment to that change by me. I’m now at the age of 57 leading a new lifestyle free of pain and medication.”

Les from Irchester