Frequency Specific Microcurrent

This treatment is useful for anyone in pain. It works by increasing the production of energy in the tissues so that the area of inflammation or deficiency can be normalized. These micro-currents are safe and do not shock or exceed those normally found in the body. It may be used as the primary therapy, as an adjunct to conventional medical treatment, or as a diagnostic tool. FSM is clinically proven to bring relief in cases of fibromyalgia, as well as for other painful conditions, such as muscular and nerve related problems and injuries.

The Building Blocks of Life

All living beings are made up of cells. It is estimated that the adult human body contains 60-90 trillion cells each building blocks, yet programmed with specific tasks.

Biological Resonance
Each tissue and organ made of these cells has a specific frequency that is unique from all of the body’s other tissues and organs. When the cells are damaged with an affliction (inflammation, toxicity, infection) the vibrational frequencies of their electrons are disrupted. However, by applying the specific frequencies for both tissue and condition, restoration of full activity occurs at the cellular level.

Electromagnetic therapies have been used since the early 1900s.
Contributors to these electromagnetic therapies include Charles McWilliams, ND, Albert Abrams, MD, and Harry Van Gelder, DO. In 1995, Carolyn McMakin, DC was given a list of Dr. McWilliam’s frequencies found in the “Treatise of Acupuncture, Vol XIII, Radiotherapy in Electroacupunture” . In her clinic, she observed that the frequencies were specific to conditions as well as specific to tissues. Armed with this knowledge, she expanded on the concept by establishing frequency specific protocols now known as “Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)”. To learn more, visit

FSM Appointment Information
FSM therapy is administered via electrode pads, moist towels or graphite gloves. Since the amperage is similar to the body’s own cellular amperage, patients experience no electrical sensation.

To achieve optimal results, please come to your appointment fully hydrated. Drink 2 quarts of plain water before your appointment and avoid using lotions, creams or oils.

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