Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is functional medicine (FM)?
Functional medicine is getting to the root cause of the health problem when a person has a whole list of symptoms. With functional medicine we work together to improve your health so that you may live a longer, happier and fulfilled life. It’s not just about adding years to your life, but adding life to your years.

Q. How is functional medicine different from conventional or complementary medicine?
In the conventional medicine model you have a symptom-based diagnosis that is made through tests and usually results in prescribed drugs for blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, etc.  This methodology is aimed to improve your symptoms but it doesn’t address the root cause of your disease.

Functional medicine uses cutting-edge science in addressing imbalances in the body whether it’s due to environment, detoxification, hormonal imbalances, immune disorders, allergies, structure-related issues, digestion, structural damage, diet, lifestyle, exercise, sleep, value and beliefs, and relationships.

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Q. What do I have to do?
– Complete the questionnaire which is found in the Patient Forms section
– Bring any test results from your doctor

In our initial consultation we’ll gather information, perform any tests that may be necessary, do a bio-impedance analysis and work out a plan.

Q. How much does it cost?
2 hour basic consultation: £230 (Live Blood Analysis can be done separately to reduce the cost to
30-45 minutes consultation: £60 (These are for follow up visits in 2-4 weeks)
Clients will be informed of the costs for tests and supplements

Q. Can functional medicine help anyone?
The body has an innate ability to heal. It has an inner wisdom and functional medicine will aid in the process. You can improve your health at any age with any problem. Everything you suffer from is not age-related.

Q. Do I need to do anything before I come?
You’ll need to bring a 3 day food diary. You are taking this path which involves your full participation in the process.

Q. Will I notice any improvement?
90% of my clients see improved changes in energy, sleep quality, digestion, cravings, moods, and stress within 4 weeks.

Q. I’m on a lot of drugs, can I do functional medicine?
Most people seen in the clinic have a list of drugs that they have been taking for a long time. But they just feel unwell. Functional medicine can help you to feel better. Most drugs require nutrients in the body in order for the liver to detox the drug. Hence people become very depleted in nutrients. We can check all of your drugs and which specific nutrients it depletes and work out your program.

Q. I do not have a diagnosis from a doctor, but I just feel unwell. Can functional medicine help?
Functional medicine takes into account the interaction of your genes with environment, allergies and toxicities that create nutrient depletion. Hence the disease name is not essential. The name of the disease just simplifies the communication between the doctor or other people but it says nothing about why you have it.

Q. Will I be able to cope?
Most people know they should eat better, exercise, get good sleep, and have healthy relationships. But doing so when you do not feel well is another matter. Good Medicine Clinic will get you there so that you can make the changes you need to improve your vitality and get the best life you can.